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Ribdeck 80. Shallow slabs: Longer spans.
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ribdeck 80   

Ribdeck 80
A breakthrough in steel decking that will save you time and money. Ribdeck 80 has all the classic strengths of traditional steel decking with a ground breaking difference - you can now have shallow floors and 4.5m* spans with no temporary propping.

Up to 20% less Steelwork
You can substantially reduce the number of components in steel framed buildings with design based on Ribdeck 80. This means the frames go up quicker, with less time spent on crane usage and assembly work - on site and in the factory. It all adds up to lower overall costs and a potential faster release of capital investments.

Full composite designs
The Ribdeck 80 profile allows development of efficient, economical composite designs using shear studs.

Simple suspension systems
Ribdeck 80 takes standard soffit suspension fittings used with other profiles - simple, well known, effective and widely used for many years.

*For typical office building using dense concrete and no temporary propping. See span/load tables for details.

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